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How Peter Helps Teams

Peter's Been In Your Shoes

Peter KNOWS Real Estate. He’s a +30 Year Veteran. In fact, he’s still licensed! If he hasn’t been through exactly what you’re going through then he’s probably fixed it many times over for others.

He's Not Afraid Of Hard Conversations

Peter’s counselled thousands of Salespeople, Property Managers, and Teams that often like to challenge their Business Owners. He’s not afraid to ‘assist’ the 10,000 Pound Gorrila’s in your business to ‘Fi-F0’ with their career options. (You’r going to have to ask Peter what Fi-Fo means) Lets just say ‘Fit in or F….  

Peter Tailors Every Presentation

One Size doesn’t fit all. Every business and every team has a unique set of circumstances. Peter tailor makes every presentation for every meeting based on EXACTLY what YOUR business needs.

Fun, Passion, Interaction, Every Question Answered

Peter won’t leave your business until every question you have is answered and until together you’ve both mapped out a winning path for the future


Contact Peter Brewer personally to discuss how he can help you.

(+61) 417 630 962

or email peter@thatpeterbrewer.com

  • “Peter taught me everything I know. But not everything HE knows”.

    Dane Briggs
  • Mate, An OUTSTANDING session with our team. When are you coming back!

    Darren Brady
  • “That session ROCKED, Please book us in for more!”.

    Len Day

“Simply put, Peter Brewer Cares”


What Your Audience Can Expect

Peter Has a No BS Approach

Be under no illusions. Peter LOVES to poke the bear. He’s going to make some audience chairs a little restless 

An Energetic and Enthusiastic Presentation

Peter’s going to bounce around the stage. He was once clocked at doing 15klm in a presentation! He likes to keep moving.

Relevant Research To Your Market

Peter will only share strategies that your audience can put into place.

Fun, Passion, Interaction, Every Question Answered

Peter won’t leave the stage until every question your delegates have is answered.

Call Peter Brewer today (+61) 417 630 962

“Peter Brewer is one of the few specialists that can think outside of his generation” 



Delighted Clients Said

“A real highlight of my retreat this year – Andrew Simpson” – Elders Real Estate IT Architect”

“Peter is an inspiring public speaker with lots of wisdom to share” – Rohan Dwyer – Apple Business Sales

“A big thanks for the amazing session you ran in NZ for our team” – Len Day – LJHooker – Auckland

“Watching Peter Brewer present here in Atlanta. What’s Australian for awesome?” – Nick Kremydas – Southern Carolina Association of Realtors

“Peter is real estate’s one two punch. He has an uncanny ability to inject humor into the conversation and keep it lively, upbeat all the while sharing great insights and strategies. He’s all Peter, all the time, and that’s the real deal”. Kelly Mitchell – Agent Caffeine

“Awesome! – One of the most relevant and hands on courses I have attended in years”.
Karen Herbert – Position One Property Agents

“Peter’s got an air of sophistication, as well as a great sense of fun and humour, and is a genuine, down-to-earth, as honest as they come sort of guy”. Andrew Knight

Delighted Clients Include


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Contact Peter today to find out how he can assist you, your team, or to fire up your next event.


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Peter Brewer is one of the few specialists who can think outside his generation