September 7, 2016 That Peter Brewer

Elders Tasmania

Thank you for joining us in Launceston for our presentation on the future of real estate session.

We hope you found the session informing and challenging.

Below is a link to the slides we shared. It’s a 14 megabyte file so it may take a minute to load to your screen. You may be wiser to right click to download the full presentation to your desktop.

Please contact me if you’d like links to the videos we shared.

Elders TassieElders Tassie

If you feel you’d benefit from some further 1-1 follow up training on any part of our presentation, please contact me on or call us on 0417630962 to discuss the options. We work with Clients across the world using the wonders of modern technology!

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That Peter Brewer Peter Brewer is a speaker, educator, digital footprint strategist on a mission (some say crusade) to ensure that smart small businesses and smart business people treat the new digital world with the respect it deserves. Peter is a former real estate agent of 30 years and now speaks across Australia, New Zealand and in the USA on technology and digital media in the real estate industry. You'll find more about Peter at

That Peter Brewer

Peter Brewer is one of the few specialists who can think outside his generation