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If I were a Realtor by Chris Brogan

I’ve been kicking tyres and lighting fires around this social media space for about 4-5 years now. And I’ve read thousands or posts, written hundreds, but the one stand out post for me is one that dates back to December 23 2009, ‘If i were a realtor by Chris Brogan.

In this awesome post Chris Brogan lays out the simple foundation steps and actions for a real estate agent/salesperson/broker/realtor to build a real online and offline community.  Its a simple 9 step plan that any dummy can follow.

I’ve reproduced the first 4 steps from Chris Brogan here, but if you want the rest you’re going to need to click through to the article. The link is below.

If I were a realtor looking to use social media for my business:

  • I’d write a blog about the location where I was selling.
  • I’d take tons of pictures and post them on the blog.
  • I’d shoot walking tour videos all the time with a Flip camera and post them.
  • I’d shoot interview videos with people from my community.

Brogan continues on with simple steps and actions to build community based around the premise of others like Bernice Ross Make a Friend today – Do a deal later’ and Jeff Turner in this great post about YEO.

In my 30+ years as a Real Estate Agent I saw that as an industry we managed to complicate a really simple business. Find a seller – Find a buyer – Put them together.

The challenge will be whether the real estate industry will do the same in the social space. I believe that the agent/broker/realtor/salesperson that embraces what Chris Brogan talks about in his post ‘If I were a realtor’ will absolutely win the game.

You’ll find the rest of Chris’s Brogan’s simple and logical magic ‘If I were a realtor’ here.

Good Luck!

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