50 nuggets you’ll wish you never digested

Seriously. Who in their right minds leaves the sunshine, beaches, relaxation and the iconic tastes of a beautiful Australian summer, to endure 22 hours of sitting with your knees up around your nose, sitting on a flying silver bullet, travelling to the ice and snow of a freezing American winter, to drink crappy beer in noisy bars, and at midnight head off to devour 50 Chicken nuggets for $9.99 whilst standing in the falling snow in Times Square.

If you’re smart this coming January, it’ll be You!

Inman Connect has become one of my absolute ‘must attend’ conferences for around 7 years now. Every August in San Francisco, and every January in New York, the real estate industries elite thought leaders gather with the worlds smartest marketers, the sharpest innovators, and 3,000 – 4,000 of the brightest and friendliest real estate brokers and agents that you could ever want to share a noisy bar, or 50 Chicken nuggets with.

Why go?

I get asked regularly why, every 6 months, I’m happy to endure the 22 hours of ‘knees up around my nose’ air travel to the USA to be at Inman Connect, and why I’m such a vocal supporter of Inman Connect. img_1409

The answer is pretty simple for me. Inman fills a void not offered by any real estate event in the southern hemisphere. It has a very clear focus on where the industry is (and sometimes isn’t) going. It showcases and heavily scrutinizes ‘the next big thing’ in real estate using the BS meter of 3,000-4,000 pretty tech savvy real estate people, and it encourages the industry to drive the agenda and content, under the ever watchful eye of the incredibly talented conference founder, Brad Inman.

Brad Inman is one very sharp guy. He’s an amazing thinker, he loves to innovate, and he pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the ‘top end of town’. I’ve said more than once that I get the cost of attending back, just from watching Brad’s opening remarks. The ensuing 2.5 days of learning is a bonus for me.

Brad Inman makes me think. img_1316

There are bucket loads of conferences here in OZ and NZ. Why go all the way to the USA?

The world of real estate is rapidly changing and I’m personally watching thousands of Agents/Agencies in Australia and NZ getting slowly (and in some cases, quickly) being left behind by new entrants to our industry.

Yep, I know its really frustrating for some in our business to try keep up to date with all this new ‘cool stuff’, whilst also trying to keep doing the ‘old’. But suburb by suburb across Australia, NZ and even inside the USA, I’m witnessing businesses losing market share to the ‘new kids on the block and innovation’.

Simply put. If you want to remain relevant to today’s consumer, they expect for you to be relevant to today’s marketing best practices.

Are you and your team absolutely up to date?

Are you really?…. I don’t believe that level of learning is available in Oz/NZ

Inman is a chance to learn. Be it, learning how to adopt video, how to cost effectively use Facebook ads, how to choose and implement the right database for your business, how to mobilize your team using tech, or most importantly, how to be the Agency of first choice for the new Agent or Salesperson entering the industry, Inman Connect is a MUST for you.

We meet in elevators sometimes

We meet in elevators sometimes

Sometimes we meet at tables

Sometimes we meet at tables








Sometimes we have special guests

Sometimes we have special guests

Is the cost of attending an issue?

What’s stopping you from attending Inman Connect in New York this January?

If it’s the cost, Id suggest you weigh the cost against the benefit, and also consider the tax benefits of spending a week or more learning from the best in the business, in the Big Apple. Plus if you use the code ‘peter’ in your registration, Brad Inman has promised me that he’ll discount the event rego by $100USD for we Aussies and Kiwis.

Worried that you won’t know anyone? 

If you’re worried that you’ll be a conference ‘newbie’ and won’t know anyone, The REIQ have got that bit covered. I’ll be there as a representative of  The REIQ with a host of like-minded real estate, tech, and marketing people, some from OZ, some from NZ, and you’re very welcome to join us for a drink at the bar on Tuesday night, or if you tack on to our Aussie/Kiwi Study Tour, for an added $300.00 AUD, you can join us for a great dinner on Wednesday night, maybe score an invite to join us for a tour of the New York Times, to a bustling NYC Real Estate Office, and to some great parties with some pretty cool American friends at some of NYC’s best venues.

Scared you’re not a nerd and won’t ‘get’ all this stuff?

If your worry is that it might be ‘too tech’ for you, I’d defer to my wonderful Mate from San Francisco, Jim Walberg. Jim is one of the USA’s real estate veterans, and on the verge of celebrating his 21st birthday for the 3rd or more times, Jim still attends Inman Connect and is one of the most prolific note takers and implementers i’ve met.

Jim Walberg. Friend. Mentor. Inspiration

Jim Walberg. Friend. Mentor. Inspiration

I reckon if you think its ‘too tech’ for you this time, its only going to be ‘too tech + 6 months’ if you let this event pass you by til next time.

Don’t get left even further behind..

Will all this ‘new stuff’ ever stop? ‘Its just too hard to keep up!’

Look, I get it. It’d be really nice if the crazy pace of the world and the seemingly endless changes would just stop for a minute, so we could all just take a breath.

Well, Inman Connect allows you to do that. It allows you to cast a critical eye on what’s working, and what’s not. It allows you to chat to fellow real estate professionals from around the globe about the same challenges they face as you, and how they implement.

Is it information overload? Will someone try and sell me something I don’t want/need?

I view Inman Connect as my filter. Its 3 days of intense learning and sharing from the industries finest in what seems like an endless array of main stage and breakout sessions that you can tailor to suit YOU. There is no holding back. There is no-one on stage selling their ‘next big thing’ for just 100 easy payments of $39.95 a month. Its 3 days of digesting some of the finest information you’ll get access to, and ultimately YOU get to decide what will float for your business and what won’t. But by attending, you’ll be making decisions from a position of knowledge, and we all know that ‘knowledge is power’.

Pack your woolies! Its ccccold!

Pack your woolies! Its ccccold!

New York in January or San Francisco in August? Which is better?

I’m often asked which of the NYC or SFO events is better. My answer is: ‘do them both’. You’ll love them both. But don’t make an excuse to defer til San Francisco in August. You’ll just be 6 months further behind the future.

Can’t eat 50 Chicken Nuggets?

So, are you joining me? The good news is that you don’t have to eat 50 Chicken Nuggets standing in the snow in Times Square at midnight. (But its great fun trying to! – Hey Al?)

50 Nuggets for 9.99.

50 Nuggets for 9.99.

Still not sure?

Not sure yet?… Don’t trust me?… No problems! Reach out and ask Jason Rose Real Estate Legend in Australia, Steve Hodgson from McGrath at Springfield, Alastair Lias from Professionals, or Peter Kakos from Marshall White in melbourne. Maybe you know Kylie Davis from CoreLogic or Lara Scott from LJHooker? I’m sure they’ll share their honest thoughts on their Inman Connect experience.

New York Times Study Tour

New York Times Study Tour

Sign me up!

You ready to enlist now? Its simple from here.

 Step 1. Go to the Inman Connect Website. Its here. Register and use the code ‘peter’ to save $100 USD.

 Step 2. Let me know that you’ve got your confirmation from Inman and that you want to join the Aussie/NZ Study Tour shenanigans. Email peter@thatpeterbrewer.com and I’ll send you more info about what we’ve got planned and an invoice for your $300.00 AUD

 Step 3. Book your air travel on your preferred airline and your accom here, or at any accom that suits your own budget. Just be close to Times Square and be in NYC from the 17th to 20th January, and be in the bar at the Marquis Marriot in Times Square at 5.00pm on January 17.

 Step 4. Pack lots of warm cloths and an open mind, and be ready to network and learn from some of the best brains in our business.

 I hope we get to share some learning (and a few beers) in New York.

The importance of an effective database webinar C21 USA

It was a great honour to be invited by Eddie Berenbaum to beam a webinar into the Century21 Washington DC Teams this week.

Host Tara Christianson and I chatted why every real estate agent needs a great database is and what it takes to make one rock!

I hope you enjoy our chat.

Elders Real Estate National Conference 2015

I enjoyed meeting Members of the Elders Real Estate Network in Cairns recently. I’ve extended my offer to spend 2.5 hours in any Elders Real Estate office working deeply with you or your team to embrace the changes of technology in your business. Please call me if you’d like to take advantage of this heavily discounted opportunity. I’m on 0417630962

Alpha Mail Book Launch Carl Quested


I was delighted to assist Guy Leech and Tom Panos at the launch of Carl Quested’s latest book, Alpha Mail. Here are my slides from the event.  I hope they make sense.  Please contact me if you’d like clarity on the slides or if you’d like to discuss my March/April special ‘In Office sales meeting/workshop rate’ to speak to your team, business owner or franchise group.

You Can’t Code a Customer..

The Inman Connect conferences I attend each 6 months in NYC in January and San Fran in July/August never disappoint.

Yet again, I’ve jetted back to Australia after the 2015 NYC event with some wonderful new ideas to share with my Aussie and Kiwi Clients, as well as compounding some long-held beliefs around there being a genuine need to re-balance some of our industry’s unhealthy addiction to all things tech.

Let me explain a little further. As well as getting to see some amazing speakers on stage, there were also some great opportunities to meet and converse with some awesome real estate and tech people from across the globe to discuss the next big thing or the challenges they’re facing in their businesses.

I love these conversations. But one conversation this year reinforced to me that sometimes reality gets lost when we get too techy in life and forget the really important stuff.

Let me explain:

I sat at dinner one evening with a pretty sharp real estate business leader. We enjoyed the usual social chit chat and I asked him what his Number 1 goal was from attending this year’s event. He shared with me that his Inman NYC goal was to find some software to help him measure what was happening with the 1000 – 2000 leads that come through his business via paid lead sources each month.

I had to check that I wasn’t hearing him wrong.

Again, he confirmed that his business was paying to receive 1000-2000 leads each month and these were equitably shared with his sales team to manage and hopefully convert into business for his company. In my world, that’s a LOT of leads! (and Yes, I hate that word too).

He affirmed that he was looking for software to measure what happened to the 90% of those leads that fell off the perch each month.

Yep, you read that right…

90% of the leads his business pays for fall off the perch and or don’t get communicated with beyond the first autoresponder.

Now, call me old-fashioned. But I reckon that some fancy software package isn’t what this business owner needs. I think he and his teams have lost their way to being ‘Hi-tech’ instead of ‘Hi-touch’.

In my world, I reckon this business needs to stop losing the massive amount of leads they already have, they need to stop paying to buy a further 1,000 – 2,000 new leads next month, they need to put some serious accountability on their teams and they need to actually have someone pick up the damn phone and talk with these ‘leads’.

You see, I think that too many people in our businesses only want the quick fix these days. Burn

We’ve entered an era of salespeople who in some cases are demanding that the business provide them a steady stream of cashed-up buyers ready to sign a contract today AND 60% of the commission.

Well it isn’t that easy, folks.

We need to nurture relationships, build trust, show that we care, and ultimately earn the business. The net result of actually doing those hard yards is, ultimately, a steady stream of raving fans that will make you their ‘Agent For Life.’

Let’s stop this craziness of buying more ‘leads’ to ultimately let them down with poor service and poor communication when we already have a plethora of business opportunities in front of us waiting to be loved.

There’s only so much automation and tech we can install in our businesses. Ultimately, someone actually has to pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Now, don’t get me started on the whole ‘I’m too busy’ and ‘They’re not really serious buyers’ responses. That’s crap.

If a little old travel agent in Brisbane, Australia can pick up the phone to ring a prospective client to try and sell them a bus or plane ticket that might generate them an average commission of $19.00, then I’m sure our industry can find a much better way to connect with our prospective clients when a potential commission of $10,000 or significantly more is on the table. We just need to think and act differently.

Is your team picking up the phone? Are they valuing your investments in driving business opportunities? Or do you have team members burning your business’ credibility with potential customers by not responding to every enquiry appropriately?

Are you ‘hi-tech’ or ‘hi-touch’ in your business? Is there room for both?.. Let me know your thoughts..

(Peter Brewer is a real estate coach working with real estate agents in Australia, New Zealand and North America. He specialises in assisting real estate agents and agencies to combine the very best of old world real estate with the tools and consumer behaviours of the new world.  He doesn’t like being called a lead)  But he can be contacted using the form below.

Real Estate Apps Presentation for REINSW

I enjoyed researching and demonstrating what i considered to be amongst the top 20 Apps for Real Estate Agents at the REINSW Conference in 2014. Here’s the sessions slides.  Send me a note if you need more clarity on any of these.


RP Data – Business of Real Estate Conference

I had the honour of presenting at the Australian ‘Business of Real Estate’ Conference in Noosa for RPData today.  You might find these slides helpful if you missed the session. If you’d like to view the whole session video please leave a comment below and I’ll arrange a link to be sent to you.   Peter Brewer at the Business of Real Estate Conference



National Speakers Association

It was an honour to speak for the National Speakers Association this week.  Following are the slides from the event.  If you’d like more information please reach out to me at +61417630962 or here via my Contact Page.

Click here to view or download. National Speakers Association

Happy Interwebing to You!

Need to keep on-track on-line in 2014? Check these courses out

February 2014 – June 2014 Digital Media & Technology Training Calendar


Join leading Social Media Educator and International Online Real Estate Coach, Peter Brewer, as he guides course participants through the Digital Media & Technology world, working hands on with each participant to ensure you have a clear direction and plan of attack for you and your team in 2014. If you’re serious about being in business in 2015 and don’t have a clear strategy, you need to attend these courses.

Wednesday 26th February 2014 – Morning Course

Introduction to Facebook in Real Estate  Failbook

Take this 5 question test.

1. Does your Facebook page or profile have more real estate agent friends or likes than potential prospects?

2. Do your Facebook posts get very little to no engagement?

3. Are you and your teams Facebook privacy settings locked down tight to avoid any online embarrassment for things others or they might post or do on Facebook?

4. Are you just on Facebook because someone said you should be?

5. Do you have a crystal clear direction and plan of action for using Facebook in 2014 and beyond?

Tally up your answers and go ahead and register for you and your office marketing manager for this ‘hands on’ half day course. You can’t afford to miss this 2014 business essentials tool.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 12th March 2014 – Morning Course

Social Media Kickstart  That Peter Brewer Social Media Logos


The growing world of social media brings a host of opportunities for real estate agents, but like any business or marketing initiative it requires a serious strategy, not just task left to the ‘girl’ to do when she’s finished her real work. Most Agents are currently adopting a ‘Ready, Fire, Aim approach to their social media presence.

In this half day ‘hands on’ workshop, you will:
– Walk through the secrets to creating a digital footprint that ties in with your print and other marketing strategies to make you the envy of your competitors.
– Leave with a social media strategy document ready to be implemented into their business to win the online war in 2014 and beyond
This is a must attend session for anyone not getting serious engagement from their social media investment or anyone in need of a clear direction and plan of attack for themselves and their office.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 9th April 2014 – Morning Course

Website Wow or Website Woe?  Website woe


Agents are now reporting up to 90% of their enquiry is coming from online sources. With industry commentators tipping that popular sites such as realestate.com.au and domain could more than double their charges over coming years the need has become stronger than ever before for real estate agents to take serious counteractive measures and get serious with their own company website.

In this course participants will learn to understand and implement 7 critical actions to assist to drive your potential clients to your website, not to expensive portals.

The need has never been stronger to take action at Agency and Salesperson level.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 14th May 2014 – Morning Course

Setting Your Online Strategy   Strategy


Does your company’s ‘online’ strategy resemble something like ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’? Is your ‘online’ strategic plan more than just putting your listings on realestate.com.au?

With 90% of enquiry coming from online- it’s never been more important than now to put more than 5%of your time into developing a strategic online strategy for you or your company.

Does your company’s website rock?
Do you have a personal profile website?
Is video integrated into everything you do online? Listings, market updates, FAQ’s? testimonials?
Your clients are looking online. What do they find when they seek you out?
This hands on half day event will open your eyes and help you set your online strategy for 2014.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 4th June 2014 – Morning Course

CRM Savvy Agent – 9 Steps to CRM Mastery  CRM


In 2000, respected industry analyst Robert Bevan said that a well maintained database would be the currency of the new millennium. 13 years later over 70% of agents still have not progressed their database beyond being just a list of names and addresses they send a totally irrelevant monthly newsletter to.

Agents and Agencies are paying expensive monthly fees for CRM (Customer Relationship Management Systems) with little or no return.

In this critical half day event, participants will

Be taken through the database management systems used by some of the industry’s highest performing sales stars.
Learn how to get the most from your CRM
Discover methods to get past the road blocks that stop 70% of the industry using simple tools of the trade to build a drip feed of business prospects for the rest of your career and a saleable asset when you retire.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 18th June – Afternoon Course

Making your Business Rock Using Video  Video


A recent study suggested that 77% of homebuyers expected to see a video of it when they viewed a property online. The same study found that less than 1% of Agents are meeting that consumer expectation.

Websites with video embedded now represents over 34% of the worlds web traffic.

How does your Agency video presence stack up?

If you answered anything other than ‘Awesome’, you must attend this half day interactive workshop where you will be working to develop your own online video strategy for 2014 and beyond.

Don’t become lost online. Register today before your competitor beats you to it.

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



Wednesday 18th June 4.30 – 5.30 PM

Appy Hour  Apps


Grab your iPhone and iPad and let’s talk Apps and learn how to get the very best out of your smartphone. You’ve paid $800 or more to buy a smartphone – did you know that does a whole lot more than check Facebook and play Angry Birds or ‘Word with Friends’?

In this fun, fast paced hour we’ll share our favourite Apps and those used by the best Apps

‘Click here’ to contact me to register at ‘Mates Rates’



All courses are half day and, as an added bonus, join us for “APPY HOUR” from 4.30-5.30 following the training on 18th June.

Classes are kept deliberately small to ensure that Peter can work intimately with each participant, so numbers are limited.  Please book early to avoid disappointment. Your investment for each course is from $185+GST per person, per course for Members.


Venue: REIQ, Turbot Drive, Coorparoo. Qld.

Courses can be delivered in all States of Australia, New Zealand and the USA by negotiation.


Personalised courses can be tailored and delivered ‘in office’ by negotiation.


To register, simply click here and drop me a line to let me know which course you’d like to attend.


Still not sure about attending?..

Here’s what some others had to say about these courses.

“Peter, Once again thank you for being so generous with your time yesterday.

The information and insights you provided were/are invaluable and that combined with your training program on Social Media through REIQ have been invaluable in us gaining further insight into how to make our business more meaningful and relevant through the various social media networks and the internet in general.

We have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to anybody looking to find better ways to use such mediums to enhance their business profile and to take away the “jargon” and explain in easy to understand common language.

We will no doubt avail ourselves of your services further in the future and thank you again for assisting us to become more relevant. Please feel free to use this testimonial any way you see fit in your business and we will do our bit to recommend your services at every opportunity” Phillip Neilsen, Ray White – Cleveland

Peter Brewer Course Feedback 4

Peter Brewer Course Feedback 3

Peter Brewer Course Feedback 2  Peter Brewer Course Feedback 1

That Peter Brewer

Peter Brewer is one of the few specialists who can think outside his generation