Facebook Contest Ideas

We have clients regularly asking us for content and competition ideas that might assist them to grow their Facebook audience and their engagement level. We save our really cool gem ideas for our private coaching Clients, but Digital genius Jeff Bullas recently shared some great ideas on Facebook Contests you may consider. You’ll find his ideas here and the link to the complete article here.


If however you’d like to hear some of our absolute ripper real estate marketing ideas we’d be happy to chat about your coaching and marketing needs to see where we can help you as a Valued Client.  Give Peter a call on 0417630962 anytime!

A Message From Heaven. Please Delete My Google Search History

I’ve often joked with close friends….

“If by some horrible chance I pass away in my sleep tonight, can one of you please delete my Google search history?”..

Now, without passing any judgement I think we’re all potentially guilty at some stage of innocently entering a Google search, that, if discovered, without the benefit of context, could see some of us very embarrassed, or even in some cases, on the FBI or ASIO Watch-List.

I for one don’t think I could never really plausibly explain to a Judge why my search history contained dubious results from entering the search terms: ‘Cheap Old Boxes’, ‘Spicy Spit Roasts Images’ or ‘Saddle Chaffing Relief’…

But I digress...

The common practice of using various privacy settings, filters and Incognito browsers to keep our Search or online browsing habits private is something that many rely on for professional, and sometimes personal reasons, that frankly are none of my business…

But in the modern day dictionary that now includes meta, beta, cache, pixels, physing attacks, cyber criminals and data-doctors, many people are incorrectly relying on an assumption that our online habits are safely hidden from all eyes, other than our own.

Couple that misconception with the myriad of devices that we use in our professional day and then privately at home after hours, along with most browsers now ‘handing off’ from Mobile to Desktop and vice-versa, our online world is much more complex, far less private, and with some lines that to many, are much more blurred than ever before. And its those changes in technology that are biting many people on the buttocks much harder than you might ever have expected several years ago..

Let me explain..

I’ve been following a recent court case from the USA with great interest.  I won’t go into deep detail on the case other than sharing some of the events which sees one Senior Business Exec who has moved from his former employer to join the employment of a fiercely rival company.

With the authority of the Courts the former Employer is now deeply, almost forensically, exploring their former Employees online behaviour, using his company provided devices, including sites visited through to exact dates and times that USB devices have been accessed, files deleted, copied and moved, even through to details of deleted text messages.

The depth of technical knowledge available to the now apparently aggrieved Employer through these forensic examinations now sees that Exec in what would be for many of us, a position where embarrassing and compromising facts are being unveiled in the witness box for the world to see, salivate on, and to share. I’m not even going to contemplate the online reputation damage that’s being done to the Execs name in SEO terms for his future reputation..

Here’s some Court reporting of the trial from the Inman Select website by Inman Reporter Andrea Brabila.

  On pornography 

Savitt: Before running the Cipher and cleanup.bat programs did you think you should talk to your attorneys?

Beardsley: Yes.

Savitt: Did you?

Beardsley: No.

Savitt: Why not?

Beardlsey: “Because i did not want to discuss the pornography issues with anybody, including my attorneys.”

Savitt: When you ran the programs did you believe you were tampering with evidence? 

Beardsley: “No, I did not believe there was anything in those computers at all related to the case.”

Beardlsey: “I had accessed via browser pornographic websites and viewed pornographic material and wanted to not have that come out. I wanted to hide that.”

Savitt: Why were you concerned? 

Beardsley: “I am ashamed of it and did not want anybody to see it.” 

Savitt: “Were you ashamed that you had used it on your Move computer?” Beardsley: “Yes.”

Savitt: What did you think people would look at you and see if they found out? 

Beardsley: [starts tearing up] “Someone who was not the person I wanted to be.” 

Savitt: Was it a lot of pornography or a little? 

Beardsley: “Probably a lot.” 

Beardsley: “Over time, it’s generally when I’m under stress, so it ebbs and flows.” 

Savitt: “Did you visit sites like playboy.com or sites with graphic sex?”

Beardsley: “Sites with graphic sex.”

Savitt: “How are you feeling right now, Mr. Beardsley?”

Singer: “Objection: relevance.”

Judge O’Donnell: “Over-ruled.”

Beardlsey: “Ashamed.”

Savitt: “Is this precisely what you were trying to avoid?”

Beardsley: “Yes.”

Now. In anyone’s terms I reckon the above Courtroom exchange would rate fairly low on the things you’d like your Partner, Kids and future employers to be reading. No matter how innocent the searches and browsing may have been.

My point?..  Its simply this. Every keystroke that you make is potentially being recorded by someone somewhere these days.  With social networks and mobile search and browsing dominating most days, the clarity around the lines of what is business, and what is private have become very blurred for many.

Our friends at Google recently shared at the Inman conference in NYC that a majority of us are now checking our Mobile devices up to a whopping 160 times per day. In fact they shared that up to 90% of life decisions are now being made via our Mobile devices.

In light of these stats and this rapidly moving world, here’s a few thoughts to ponder while you’re sitting under your desk rocking back and forth today.

  • Which of your search or browsing behaviours could come back to bite you in the future?
  • Who actually owns the devices you use each day? Computers? Smartphone? USB’s? DropBox? Email accounts, Mobile Phone?
  • Are they the property of your employer, or you?
  • Could it be subpoenaed or taken from you at any stage without notice?

If you’re an employer.

-Does your written signed company policy clearly define your expectations and have absolute clarity around ownership and acceptable use of devices?

-Do you have a written signed policy to deal with such things?

If you’re an employee.

-Do you know exactly what you can and can’t do with company owned devices and on company time?

Give it some thought.

If you think you might need some help to get some clarity you might want to seek some professional help.

I’m here to help you navigate the maze. Give me a call on +61417630962 or drop me a line to peter@thatpeterbrewer.com


Bundaberg and Hervey Bay Training November 2015

Brisbane, Australia

I’m delighted to announce that I’m co presenting in Bundy and Hervey Bay in November with the wonderfully talented Author and Entrepreneur, Carl Quested.

Will Carl, the Direct Mail and Print Guy, have an on stage punch up with me, the Social Media and Online Guy with our opposing views?  Is print media dead?..   Is social media a fad?  Find out what we really think!

It’s going to be a fun trip to Hervey Bay and Bundy.  The Fliers and rego deets for Bundy and Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents are below.

I hope we see you at one of these sessions!

Newsmail Real Estate Seminar Nov 19

Fraser Coast Chronicle Real Estate Seminar Invite Nov 20


Alpha Mail Book Launch Carl Quested


I was delighted to assist Guy Leech and Tom Panos at the launch of Carl Quested’s latest book, Alpha Mail. Here are my slides from the event.  I hope they make sense.  Please contact me if you’d like clarity on the slides or if you’d like to discuss my March/April special ‘In Office sales meeting/workshop rate’ to speak to your team, business owner or franchise group.

90% of home owners won’t use you again

I’ve just come back from hosting an Industry study tour to the Inman Connect Real Estate Conference in NYC where amongst many things I heard a fascinating statistic that:

“90% of home owners on settlement say they’d use the same Real Estate Agent again. But ultimately 90% of Home owners don’t” Problem

Do you think our industry has a problem? It sure seems so based on that statistic!

A few quick questions for you..

  • Are you or your business entering 2015 with a crystal clear focus on exactly where your digital marketing efforts needs to be?
  • Have you developed your content strategy and married it to your content calendar for your social media channels?
  • Is your CRM finely tuned to ensure you have an effective communications program in place to have your previously delighted customers singing your praises to friends and family and to have them knocking back on your door when they’re ready to transact real estate again?
  • Do you have a range of highly cost effective online lead generation activities in place to maintain a constant flow of appraisal and listing opportunities for you and your team?
  • Is your office and or team totally supporting your efforts to develop a truly effective digital strategy?

Now, depending how you answered those questions will determine whether you need a hand putting an online plan in place for you or your business in 2015.

Its becoming very clear that the divide between those salespeople and businesses who are truly focussed on implementing a layered digital strategy in place in 2015 and beyond, and those who are content to just ‘wing it’ and ‘hope’ their phone continues to ring is getting increasingly wider.

” ‘Hope’, is not an effective strategy”

For many real estate businesses keeping pace with the rate of change in consumer behaviours and the constant shift in industry technologies has proven to be daunting.  Remaining relevant and investing marketing resources (time, people and money) in the right channels has never been tougher, but never more important.

What are you or your business doing to ensure that those 90% of people who said they’d do business with you again actually do so and become raving fans of you or your business along the way? Strategy

Working with real estate businesses to develop and implement simple digital strategies that work  is exactly what I do. If you’d like to have chat please drop me a line below, or give me a call on +61 417 630 962. I’d be delighted to help where i can!

Here’s what others said:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your note today. We did enjoy having you in our office last week,your presentation style was great,relaxed and inclusive, the information easily understood and your help in putting together a plan for the way forward was clear and achievable.
I’m sure we will be keeping in contact. 
 Many thanks
Gibson Barron – LJH

Hi Peter,

A big thanks to you for an amazing session that you provided for the Austar team. There has been so much positive comment from the session and you have inspired several people to be so much more aware of the fantastic opportunity that lies within the social media world.

We definitely would be keen to have a follow session sometime in the future.

Warm Regards

Len Day – Austar Realty


Peter,  Once again thank you for being so generous with your time yesterday.

The information and insights you provided were/are invaluable and that combined with your training program on Social Media through REIQ have been invaluable in us gaining further insight into how to make our business more meaningful and relevant through the various social media networks and the internet in general.

We have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to anybody looking to find better ways to use such mediums to enhance their business profile and to take away the “jargon” and explain in easy to understand common language.

Phillip Neilson- Ray White


If I Were an Australian Real Estate Agent in 2014

In December 2009, Marketing genius Chris Brogan authored an excellent piece titled ‘If I were a Realtor’.

I wrote about it and shared it here. In his short piece, Brogan dot pointed things he’d do if he were a Realtor in 2009 with the then emergence of video, Twitter, and a new fad thing called Facebook.   He talked a bit about community and engagement.

In light of the current angst within much of the real estate community in Australia, I thought I’d use some licence and build a 2014 Australian version of Brogan’s wonderful words…

If I Were an Australian Real Estate Agent in 2014

  • I’d identify and develop a ‘magnificent modern point of difference’ in my marketing.  Change
  • I’d acknowledge that anyone can put a listing on realestate.com.au. Even a seller. On their own. I’d never forget that.
  • I’d use video. Lots of it. No more BS excuses on why you can’t.  The days for excuses on video being “too dear, too hard, too slow” are over.
  • If I were a Real Estate Agent in Australia in 2014,  I’d understand that many sellers still see us as necessary evils in the transaction. I’d work tirelessly to change that perception of me.  Immediately.

Regardless of whether I’m an Agent, Agency or a Salesperson, I’d have my own websites. Plural. Lots of them in fact. At least 5.  I wouldn’t just settle for the stock-in-trade website handed out to me by my franchise group or association. Sure, I’d pimp the franchise or association one out to the absolute max, but I’d also have my own strong, structured strategic plan for developing online lead and relationship generation.

  • I’d have information-rich and totally relevant websites for buyers, sellers, investors, and others.  They wouldn’t be talking about my company or fuelling my own ego with posed out of date photos of me in a flash suit, or standing in front of a leased racy BMW. The websites probably wouldn’t even have my logo on them. They’d be strategically designed to inform people and capture lots of enquiry. They’d position me as the indisputable trusted local authority.
  • I’d stop advertising to chase NEW business and I’d connect with the forgotten ones. The people who’ve already had a brand or personal experience with me.  It’s so much easier to deal with those who already know us.

If I wanted to excel as an Agent in Australia in 2014, and beyond, I’d ask someone trustworthy which database they think is the best database. And when they answered, ‘the best database ever invented is… ‘the one you actually use’, I’d believe them, I’d stop searching,  I’d  do what Nike say (#jfdi), and I’d move to the next point  Swiftly.   

  • I’d use my database product and, because I’m better using my brain, ears, and mouth than I am with typing words and numbers into a database, I’d appoint an offshore database manager for $2.00 an hour to input and manage strategic forms and frequency of communication with my clients to ensure an ongoing drip feed of repeat sellers and buyers.
  • If I were a professional real estate agent in Australia in 2014 I’d be showing my sellers the deep connections I have with ready made buyers in my database and I’d use that as a key point in my listing presentation. That’d be one of the key differentials I’d win every listing from you on.
  • I’d letter box drop 10,000 glossy print, dl sized banana and almond cake recipe cards to my farming area every month without fail. BUT ONLY IF they actually were a proven source of seller enquiry.  And once I finally came to my senses and realised they’re a waste of money, I’d change that expenditure into creating an awesome digital footprint that gets me found where the genuine sellers and buyers are researching.  And that’s not in their letterbox.
  • I’d post all my listings to my local institute site. As a member, I get to vote on the make-up of that board with my colleagues. We are those site’s stakeholders and shareholders.   I’d remember Don Chipp, founder of the Australian Democrats Party’s goal ‘to keep the bastards honest’.  Support your Institute. They’re not the bastards. Help them help you.
  • I’d still post my listings on realestate.com.au. and Domain and some other portals. But I wouldn’t do it until I had absolutely  exhausted every other source of enquiry, and never ever before 30 days had passed. I’d never break ranks from this and I’d only work with a business that sees the bigger, long-term picture and supported my colleagues and I to do this.

I wouldn’t ever remotely consider buying a feature, premium, or fancy pants advertisement at up to a seemingly ridiculous $3,665.00 on a portal to get a listing found a bit higher up for a week or so. Trust me. The buyers will still find your property. Just like the major portals, I have conducted my own deep dive private research using my Mum, Brother, and my long lost Aunty Joan on this. They still found their neighbours’ homes for sale hidden on page 4 of realestate.com.au. and Domain amidst a sea of crammed, glittery, irrelevant, distracting, flashing advertising mayhem. First Prostate Exam

  • If I were a real estate agent in Australia in 2014 I wouldn’t stick my head in the sand and smugly say ‘it doesn’t matter what price the portals charge, I don’t pay for ads, My sellers pay for all their advertising’ ..  My friends, the day will soon come when even your sellers will too be tired of being anally probed and say ‘enough is enough ‘. Do your job and represent their interests in all parts of the transaction. That includes cost-effective marketing.
  • I’d very quickly get to understand how Facebook, Google and retargeted online advertising works and I’d adopt it into my my business’ and my clients’ products as part of my magnificent point of difference I referred to in Point 1.
  • If I was personally challenged and didn’t know how to effectively use the online world to professionally market property and myself then, just like a budding auctioneer gets an auction coach and just like a first grade football or cricket player gets a kicking, tackling or bowling coach, I’d get an online marketing coach, or I’d take me up on my free offer to Pick Peter’s Brain.

If I were a real estate agent in Australia in 2014, I’d certainly support a move for change, and I’d do it now…otherwise the industry you have today might not be yours in 2016.

But that’s just what I’d do.  You?  peter

You’d probably also enjoy this really short post on the importance of having a great digital twin. 

National Speakers Association

It was an honour to speak for the National Speakers Association this week.  Following are the slides from the event.  If you’d like more information please reach out to me at +61417630962 or here via my Contact Page.

Click here to view or download. National Speakers Association

Happy Interwebing to You!

How social do you want your next conference event to be?

Have you noticed just how ‘social’ more and more conferences and events are becoming ?


All the cool kids seems to have a #hashtag for their event. Many are encouraging their event attendees to ‘Live Tweet’ and Facebook ‘Check in’ from their events for a myriad of reasons. It’s become a popular and very cool trend that’s breathing added life and engagement far beyond the 4 walls of conferences and events.  Social media can be used by Conference and Event Managers for a number of things:

  • To keep non-attendees informed of what they’re missing out on, or
  • To build an audience for a future event, or
  •  To build a library of their event highlights, or
  • To position their brand or event as a source of exceptional content, or
  • To provide their event attendees with a great, easily categorised post-conference resource of ‘key take aways’ for easy reference and exchange.


The reasons for event organisers to actively use social channels, and for them to to actively encourage their attendees to use social channels leading up to, at, and after conferences and events, are almost unlimited.

The idea is great!.. But for many conference organisers it falls apart in the execution phase.

Now, social media experts  such as our expert team at ‘That Peter Brewer’ can be hired to take care of the very important ‘social media management’  for your event. 

The most common services provided in our event social media management offering are the creation of:

  • A unique custom hashtag for Twitter and Facebook
  • Live-tweeting for your event, at up to 20 Tweets per speaker session, targeted to your chosen audience from your Twitter account. Monitoring, responding, @replies, retweeting, etc. on Twitter
  • Facebook ‘Event’ creation and promotion
  • Facebook Page updates, growing likes, responding and engaging on event posts
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns to promote the event
  • A Pinterest board dedicated to your event – pinning and monitoring as required
  • Pre-event and follow-up blog posts on your event or company website
  • Video interviews with speakers and attendees for your YouTube channel, pre- and post-event. Our team will access your Event speakers immediately as they leave the stage and capture their key messages in a 90 second – 2 minute video vignettes.
  • Create, categorise, and promote up-to-date Instagram photos
  • Education for your key personnel and encouragement for your attendees on how to be actively involved using ‘social’.

In the digital era, almost every large event of note is recorded not only through photos and press releases, but also in real-time Likethrough social media. Most people now rely on a social media platform for their current news and information. (See: “The Facebook Effect on the News”) With 2.5 million active Australian users on Twitter, 12.5 million YouTube viewers, 13 million active users on Facebook, and over 11 million Australians checking out different blog sites, the online world is the place to release real-time information and concentrated content. (Source) With the use of hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, events become easily searchable and captured for future use – by event organisers, attendees and those unable to attend but still watching from afar.

Before you begin planning your next event, make sure you chat to us to be sure you have the critical social media component professionally covered.

Let our team get your event conversation going, and help to keep it going

In this digital age, it’s a key ingredient to engaging your audience and giving your event an added boost and life far beyond  its 4 walls. 

If you’d like to chat about how we can give your conference/event a very special social boost, please give me a call on +61417630962, or drop me a line to peter@thatpeterbrewer.com or at thatpeterbrewer.com/contact

I guarantee. You won’t regret it!


38 Not So Crazy Things To Do To Stand Out As a Real Estate Agent

In my training sessions I make regular reference for us all to have a #POD.  Without a #POD there is little that sets apart from our competitors.  

What’s your #POD? 

Real Estate and Brand Coach Peter Hutton has assembled 38 Awesome Ideas for Real Estate Agents to do to have some wonderful points of difference.


Wouldn’t it be nice to stand out? Really stand out so that you become one of the TOP 5% of real estate agents in your area? Hell yes!!

But standing out from all the other agents can be a hard thing to do, especially with all the noise your competitors are making.

The truth is it’s not that hard when you consider what everyone else is doing.

I’m talking about the “same old, same old” stuff agents do like “would you like a FREE property appraisal” (boring); or at your opens asking for emails “for our FREE real estate newsletter” (ah no thanks).

So here’s a list of ideas that will help you get noticed, build a list, get your foot into more doors and list more properties:

1. Create a survey – find out what your prospects want help with

2. Create a Blog and share info that will help your prospects – if you’re not a writer that’s OK, use video or have someone else supply you with the content

3. Refuse to follow the trends even when it would provide a quick fix of attention. Keep being yourself

4. BIG vs. little: increasingly people don’t like BIG. They fear being treated as unimportant. If you are small use this to your advantage. Being small you may be the underdog, but people love the underdog, play this up

5. Find your USP and tell the world what it is – your USP should include the 3 R’s: Reality / Reward / Risk (e.g. Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”)

6. Don’t be a go getter, be a go giver – learn about “The Law of Reciprocity” and infuse that into your business

7. Offer an ‘ethical bribe’ to build your email list (see #9 below)

8. Find your ‘BIG Why’ and use it to be your foundation for everything you do. (You’ll need to know this before you can craft a cool USP)

9. Craft a ‘Listing Magnet’ and generate a massive list of ‘future sellers’. (Mine was an eBook I wrote called “The Key: 21 Secrets To Selling Your Property For More” which I gave away for free and built a sizeable list in the process) – here’s where you can get one: http://agentlistingmagnet.com.au/the-key/

10. Return phone calls and emails (enough said)

11. Make sure your CRM has an ‘autoresponder’ built in so you can set up an email trail to nurture your leads – I use Infusionsoft. Aweber is good. Mailchimp is good also. Check the CRM you’re using, it may already have an ‘autoresponder’ built in. Talk to Aaron Shiner about ‘LockedOn’

12. People love to belong. Make them feel like they’re a part of something. Invite them to special “Your Name Here” Community gatherings (e.g. cinema nights, Friday night drinks at the office etc.) – or do it online via webinar.

13. Own your niche – stop being a ‘generalist’ and be a ‘specialist’. This will make it easier for prospects to TRUST you. It will also give you greater cut-through with your prospecting and marketing

14. Treat every person at your OPEN HOUSE like a prospective seller – that way you’ll be giving them a first-hand look at how well you’ll be handling their buyers when they list their home with you

15. Never lie (not even little white lies)

16. Focus your prospecting on ‘future sellers’, only about 5% of agents do this. 95% of agents prospecting targets ‘now sellers’, obviously if everyone are targeting ‘now sellers’ it’s very competitive. Use ‘education-based-marketing’ to build a massive list of ‘future seller’ leads – more about how here: http://revolution.brandyoumembers.com.au/home-study

17. Give away branded umbrellas at OPEN HOUSES when it’s raining

18. Offer a FREE handyman service to prospective sellers

19. Start saying ‘NO’ to the ‘wrong kind of business’. Sometimes you have to give up something to get something – it’s called the marketing ‘Law of Sacrifice’

20. In your competitor’s strength there is weakness. That is, don’t compete, look at their USP and do the opposite

21. In every market, it often turns into a ‘two horse race’. So if there’s already someone in the first spot, aim to occupy the second spot

22. Work from a local busy café where all the locals go. I knew a lawyer who did this; he ran little ads in the local rag calling himself “The Coffee Shop Lawyer” and offered FREE 15 minute consultations while at the café. (Wear a name tag at the café and have your laptop branded so people can recognise who you are)

23. Optimism is infectious as is enthusiasm. How can you weave more of this into what you do?

24. The ‘Law of Expectation’: create an expectation that your service will be exceptional – then deliver on your promise, actually don’t just deliver, over deliver

25. The power of stories: use case studies in your newsletters, write them like a top notch news reporter would. Make them human and make them sticky

26. People love to play games – so use quizzes, contests and puzzles to engage people

27. Realise your prospects are making all kind of assumptions about you, your company, your results and your service. Take advantage of the positive assumptions. Turn around the negative ones

28. Create your own ‘Signature Copy Writing Format’ so your listings stand out on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au etc. – better still use a professional copywriter to help your properties and you stand out, heyKaren Hutton

29. Stop SPAMMING people. Start using OPT-In Prospecting methods instead.

30. Offer guarantees – when you lower or remove the risk all together for prospects to do business with you, you’ll make it easier for them to say yes and give you a go

31. Build traffic to your website by basing it on a ‘dynamic-blog-structure’ – that’s what I did with my real estate agency – we received between 10,000 to 13,000 unique visitors to our website a month, that’s a whopping amount few agencies even today enjoy, that put our little independent agency’s website into the TOP 1% of websites in the world for traffic (source: alexa.com) – it got us a lot of leads of course and lots of listings

32. Challenge your perception. Stop thinking everything is written in rock. It is not. Open yourself up to greater possibilities. And start taking some risks to stand out in the crowd – it’s your perception that creates your reality

33. Be consistent in everything you do. The easiest way to stay consistent is to use your ‘BIG Why’ and your ‘BRAND VALUES’ as your yard stick against all your marketing and prospecting you do

34. Stop copying your competitors. Replicas never earn as much as an original

35. Write a ‘list’ like this about something your prospects will find helpful or interesting and put it on your blog

36. Send out 5 handwritten cards a day to people in your area congratulating them on having such a beautiful well-kept front yard

37. Reward loyalty. Spontaneous gestures to clients go a long way and give rise to referrals (refer #6 above)

38. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Never stop innovating.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think?

Did you find this article helpful?

Make a commitment now to your BRAND and list the 3 items from this list that you are going to add into your business – please share them here on Facebook. Over to you…

Great stuff Pete!  I couldn’t have said it better myself!


That Peter Brewer

Peter Brewer is one of the few specialists who can think outside his generation